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How to Make a Girl Attracted to You....!!!!

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Have you ever found yourself standing next to a girl who you really like, but can't seem to get her to notice you? Well here's how to show her you're interested and hopefully make her interested in you!

Try acting 'cool' near her, but don't over do it. Sometimes acting like your tough towards someone else in front of her might make her think you're just a bully, and that might scare her off, or just be completely turned off!

  1. Whenever you go out with that girl you always want to look nice. It may seem stupid to go out looking nice or actually putting some effort in your appearance, but it might make her feel special. If you go out wearing the same clothing that you did yesterday it will appear that you don't care and might make her feel stupid, (because girls usually spend a lot of time 'fixing themselves up').

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    If you go out to a party and you want her attention make sure to give her your attention. Don't be creepy and stare her down, but make sure that you are giving a significant amount of attention to her, (unless she is obviously not interested then back off!). Talking to your buddies, and occasionally other girls is alright, but make sure that you're not over doing it with the attention to other girls. The last thing you want is for her to think you're a player- even if you are.

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    Smelling nice is probably the #1. thing you can do to make a girl interested in you. Girls may not seem to notice that you smell nice, but if you do, it will definitely turn her on. Do not- i repeat- do NOT over do it though. You need to make sure your not putting too much or too little. But the perfect amount of cologne will definitely make an impression.

  4. 5
    Even though it seems like girls admire confidence, and they do, they don't like too much confidence. Letting some of your inner nervousness is sometimes good. Letting them know that they are making you nervous can leave a girl thinking about you longer. They might ponder why you were nervous and remember how cute they thought you were, and guys, being cute is NOT bad, girls like guys that are confident in themselves, which means maybe showing them that your really are nervous around them.

  5. 6
    Talking to girls can take balls, but it's something you're going to have to do to make a girl interested in you. Some key things to keep in mind when talking to her is to give her your full attention. Don't go looking around at other girls, or the room, or even your cell phone. If your friend comes over and starts talking to you tell them to wait because the girl you were talking to had been interrupted. This can leave the impression on her that you care, and you're not just pretending to listen. Which brings me to another key fact, you need to listen to what she is saying. Converse back to her with questions and comments on what she's saying. Even your opinion matters. The last thing you want to do is answer with just an, okay, or yeah, unless there is nothing else to say.

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    One thing that we all know about women is that being the center of attention always makes them feel good. Not to mention even though you may not know it, girls spend plenty of time on themselves in the morning or when they're getting ready to go out, ever wonder why? They want YOUR attention! So next time that you are around a girl that you like or you are attracted to try complimenting her, except the one thing that you DO NOT want to compliment is their shirt. Saying, "I like your shirt," might give the impression that you were staring at her boobs. Instead, try complimenting her hair, even if it's not up and looks as though she spent an entire hour on it, it will boost her confidence and make her feel good about herself.

  • Smelling good is one of the top 3 things girls remember about you.

  • If a girl catches you looking at her it's okay, don't feel stupid, that just means that she was looking at you too. Cracking a smile or laughing about it will lighten things up.

  • Keeping eye contact when talking to a girl is very important to make her know that you are listening to what she is saying.

  • Spending time on your looks is important. Don't go over board, but make sure that you comb out your hair, and wash your face before going out.

  • Make sure to give her your attention, and make sure she knows you're noticing her. She will be attracted to a guy that cares about her.

  • REMEMBER: Keep an open mind! If you feel rejected by the girl you like don't dwell on it! Give her space and see what happens.

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